• Library Systems
    General and special library systems for classrooms.

About Us

BUSERLAB brand is a brand that was established in 2014 within the body of BÜROSEREN and was established to serve educational institutions in its field and direction, completely sectorally.


Laboratory Furniture

Fizik, kimya, biyoloji Laboratuvar Mobilyaları.

Conference Furniture

Okul, tiyatro, sinema konferans salonları.

Kindergarden Furniture

Anaokulları için özel mobilyalar.

Kantin Mobilyaları

Masa ve sandalyeler.


BuserLab brand has begun designing high-quality laboratory furniture and education furniture in 2014. Büroseren Mobilya with 36 years of experience is behind it..


Aljazari International School

Robotic laboratory, Science laboratory, Chemistry and Biology laboratory, All student cabinets and custom made furniture, Corridor Acoustic panels


Yeni Doğu Schools Başakşehir Campus

Experimental studies, analysis activities, additional activities aimed at producing projects to maintain the education and training permanent are carried out only in laboratory environments with healthy and adequate equipment.